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North Dakota: Water Cannons Used at Standing Rock

At first there were reports that no water canons were used! that was a lie, and to any agency while in uniform and or on the clock being paid whom reported those statements should face disciplinary actions. There are other reports that rubber bullets/tear gas/ concussion grenades were also used. Live feeds are being reported as shut down. In almost every ...

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Jason Chaffetz Should Appear Before A Committee For Questions

Many people are saying it’s a retaliation move, 3 weeks ago today (On a Friday) a tape of Donald Trump was released with him bragging about sexual assault. Today on this Friday, FBI Director James Comey put out what many are saying was an intended, reckless and half hazardly statement which may have been intended to sway an election. Jason ...

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Miami police searching for a woman who opened fire on three victims

Miami police searching for a woman who opened fire on three victims after robbing them, including a 12-year-old boy. — ABC News (@ABC) October 26, 2016 If you have any information or know someone who does please contact a local police dept. See more here – Miami Police Search for Female Robber Accused of Shooting 3, Including 12-Year-Old ...

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WikiLeaks, Trump University And Some Theories?

Opinion – It’s like waiting to see who has the last laugh or is it? asks one person. Certainly there is nothing funny, While Donald Trump relies on many of the WikiLeaks emails,.. Many in America are waiting for a Trump University Case to start in Late November. At a time when many on the social media where waiting for ...

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El Cajon: Police Turn To Violence Against Protesters & Bystanders …

El Cajon, CA. According to sources – Protesters and Bystanders were assaulted and attacked by police on the third night of protests, regarding the shooting of Alfred Olango. Video(s) appear to show police turning against people of the community they are supposed to serve and protect. A witness/assault victim describes what happened to her as a bystander – ‘We were ...

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