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Cobb County Police Officer Suspended Without Pay..

Marietta, GA – Cobb County police officer Maurice Lawson has been suspended for two weeks without pay. Lawson, is accused of using racially insensitive language during a traffic stop, involving a black male subject (Brian Baker) which was captured on video (it made national attention). Many activists whom demanded for Lawson’s dismissal from duty as a police officer, were relieved ...

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Minn. Deputy Pleads Guilty To Beating K-9

The incident occurred on or about June 15th 2015, at the Black Bear Casino Resort In one of the worst cases of animal cruelty video’s I have ever seen, what makes it more disturbing is that Brett Berry is a “Ramsey County Deputy”  an 18-year-veteran who only faces up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $3,000 due ...

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Bettie Jones: Funding Site Raises 10K For Funeral Costs..

Wait a minute a woman is killed by police “Accidently” and the family has to pay for funeral costs? If  true, some resignations should be in demand for public officials, this is an outrage! According to a post on Gofundme  an author recently posted.. “We surpassed our goal of $10,000 to help Bettie Jones’ family with the much needed funeral expenses.” In reading some ...

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Chicago: Are Police Video’s Being Erased And Or Deleted?

Just last month a Cook County Grand Jury awarded $2.75 Million in the death of  Keith MacNeice. In an all to familiar story involving a police encounter. The Chicago Tribune Reported that.. After her teenage son died in a police-chase crash, Jondalyn Fields’ lawyers asked the Chicago Police Department for the videos from their cars and along the route to ...

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OMAHA, NE: Video Shows Officer Punching Student Sparks Outrage..

OMAHA, NE: An officer has temporarily been reassigned after a video surfaced and showed him punching a high school student while allegedly breaking up a fight at Millard South High School. According to sources, Police said “the video only shows a snippet of what happened” that statement alone was enough to spark outrage and concern, citing the snippet clearly showed ...

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NY: Bystanders Jump Police After An Assault In Target Store..

Many are fleeing to live in New York citing the Odds of striking it rich off a Police encounter are better than buying a Lotto Ticket elsewhere. In a recent Police Assault of an alleged suspect, Bystanders refused to watch as Police continued beating a man.. and intervened during the altercation. This video shows a numerous amount of Officer’s Kneeing, Punching ...

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