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  1. Can I make money? the answer is yes, on all your postings you have the option of placing your own ads which generate revenue per your postings views.
  2. Can I solicit Ads? Yes anyone one can pay you directly to place ads on your postings.
  3. Can I write about anything? Yes! so long as it is not a lie,  XXX Nasty, there maybe some restrictions that apply.
  4. Can I Use Marching For Justice’s Name? Why not your write with us, and are part of the team :).
  5. Can I ad my own Facebook, Twitter etc.. Yes, you will have your own author’s box where your readers can connect with you.
  6. Do I have set hours? No its your time, write when you want..
  7. Can I quit anytime? Yeap.
  8. Can I Use Marching For Justice’s name in my projects? Yes! but the project must be submitted so that we are aware.. we reserve the right to reject some projects.
  9. Can I work fulltime or part time for Marching For Justice? as we grow so will you along with us as a team, we are still new and developing.. we will review your performance and consider you for the right position with Marching For Justice in the near future, we only promote within.

We will help you every step even train you how to use our easy publishing tools, your story(s) is just a click away, you can log on from any computer, phone, tablet etc.. and write anywhere. upload your own pics, video’s etc…


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