WikiLeaks, Trump University And Some Theories?

Opinion – It’s like waiting to see who has the last laugh or is it? asks one person. Certainly there is nothing funny, While Donald Trump relies on many of the WikiLeaks emails,.. Many in America are waiting for a Trump University Case to start in Late November. At a time when many on the social media where waiting for ...

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Fairfax: John Geer’s Killer Gets 1 Year Sentence

According to the Washington Post – The former Fairfax County police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man in his doorway in 2013 was sentenced to a year in jail Friday for involuntary manslaughter, over the vehement objection of the victim’s mother. Having already served more than 10 months behind bars, the officer will be released next week, Fairfax ...

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Florida: All White Jury Acquits White Ex-Deputy In Beating Of Black Man..

Marion County, FL – An all-white Federal jury has found Jesse Alan Terrell a white former Marion County Florida sheriff’s deputy not guilty in the beating of an unarmed black man ” Derrick Price, ”  even though other deputies who testified against  Terrell, who were also white, pleaded guilty and are await sentencing. Terrell was one of five former deputies being prosecuted ...

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Baltimore: 2 School Police Officers Charged In Assault On Teen

Warning video is graphic.. Take a good look at Officer Spence, 44 (left) he’s one of two charged in connection with a brutal beating of a teen captured on video. Today Anthony Spencer walked out of jail pending his trial along with a fellow officer, Spence is facing  assault and misconduct in what many say those charges are way to minor, the mere ...

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TAMPA: Officer’s Courtroom Testimony Raises Many Concerns

Tampa – Opinions: When an officer pulls you over, should there be a good reason before or probable cause afterwards? Sounds confusing to me. This is where many citizens across the country become concerned with an officer’s actions. Unrelated: Many of our viewers are already voicing their opinions on this case and are outraged as to what they just heard in ...

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Justice Department Sues City Of Ferguson

At a time when police face scrutiny across America it’s becoming more apparent that not only are citizens uniting in the fight for Justice but government too. Cities across America are facing an overwhelming amount of lawsuits regarding their officers and seem to settle quite fast turning it’s victim(s) and often the families of victim(s) into millionaires at rate most would compare ...

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