SF: Unarmed Black Woman Killed By Cop Identified

According to SF GATE – The woman whom was shot by a police sergeant has been identified as Jessica Williams, 29. Williams, who the medical examiner said was from the Bay Area, died at San Francisco General Hospital. The Daily Kos reported that – Activists throughout the city had been calling on the police chief Greg Suhr to step down ...

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Shaun King Challenges Twitter Over Friends Suspension

Shaun King New York Daily News Senior Justice Writer made a gutsy move on twitter today in what seems like a challenge to Twitter. After a friend of King on Twitter was suspended shortly after posting a video, King made it clear that he reposted it. We won’t show the video but it is attached in King’s tweet. My friend ...

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Nashua, N.H: Brutal Police Beating Sparks Outrage

Nashua, N.H – Opinion: A video appears to show Richard Simone, 50, of Worcester, Mass., stepping out of his truck surrendering and complying to officers on Hutchinson Street, a residential part of the city. Simone appears to surrender and knee down to the ground, that’s when officers charge Simone  and begin throwing punches while other officers join in. It almost reminded me of ...

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Bulletin: Please Help Identify Marques Gaines Attackers..

River North, Chicago – In a video which was posted on February 7, 2016. We are deeply saddened by the death of man in which a Youtube video identifies as Marques Gaines who was viciously attacked as bystanders watched. After Gaines was knocked unconscious the video alleges Gaines was then robbed stripped of his valuables, still bystanders do NOTHING! Gaines ...

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NYPD: Horrific Video Appears To Show Officer Choking A Female

WARNING VIDEO MAY BE GRAPHIC A video has surfaced on YouTube showing a New York police officer appearing to choke a woman. The incident was captured on cell phones by passing motorists..which then sent shockwaves throughout social media outlets.     The uptick in Police violence on women and kids are appearing to be on the rise, and most of the time get an ...

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Lake Elsinore, CA: Man Killed By Officer Raises Questions

Lake Elsinore , CA – A man was fatally shot and killed by a Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy according to sources. Is now raising many questions as to what really happened according to a witness via a comment stating that.. ” ” Police have some explaining to do that is all I have to say!!.. According to a source – ...

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