Jason Chaffetz Should Appear Before A Committee For Questions

Many people are saying it’s a retaliation move, 3 weeks ago today (On a Friday) a tape of Donald Trump was released with him bragging about sexual assault. Today on this Friday, FBI Director James Comey put out what many are saying was an intended, reckless and half hazardly statement which may have been intended to sway an election. Jason ...

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WikiLeaks, Trump University And Some Theories?

Opinion – It’s like waiting to see who has the last laugh or is it? asks one person. Certainly there is nothing funny, While Donald Trump relies on many of the WikiLeaks emails,.. Many in America are waiting for a Trump University Case to start in Late November. At a time when many on the social media where waiting for ...

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Breaking: Charlotte Protesters Demand Police Chief Resign

This is just coming in: Protesters are demanding for the resignation of Police Chief Kerr Putney on the way he has handled the investigation including his transparency remark and transparency. Protesters are saying that they may opt not to vote for re-elect Jennifer Roberts, the mayor of Charlotte, should this matter continue to drag. Also the clergy and the NAACP ...

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Trumps ” Dis-Arm ” Statement Sparks Outrage

The phrase ” Let’s See What Would Happen To Her ” seems disturbing… Then to ask her Protection service to disarm themselves seems even more disturbing.. These secret Service men and women have a tough job to do and should be praised for their heroic actions DAILY!, and Donald Trump should not be provoking and or using them for political ...

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Pastor Mark Burns Tweet Sparks Outrage

.@CharlesMBlow on Trump surrogate’s racially-charged cartoon: “I don’t know how you defend it.” https://t.co/Xw5axWORza — Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) August 30, 2016 Pastor Mark Burns , SC – Whom often makes appearances on  CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, & FOX Business Network, appeared to go above and beyond in his support for (R) Presidential candidate Donald J Trump by tweeting in what ...

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Dear WHITE Media #SayHerName !!!!

When Nykea Aldridge was shot and killed, many media outlets seemed more concerned that Aldridge was Dwyane Wade’s cousin. Many of the headlines read ” Dwyane Wade’s cousin ” rather than Nykea Aldridge, Why? Was it more important? that Aldridge was Dwyane Wade’s cousin? Or the fact that she was killed and a mother of four? CHICAGO — Police charged two men with ...

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An Example As To Why Police Should Not Be Trusted?

According to PoliceActivity  – A suburban Columbia officer fired seven shots at a driver last month as the driver turned the wheel and drove away. The video shows Robert Cooper, an officer with the Forest Acres Police Department, on a darkened street and screaming, “Stop! Stop!” The driver then backs up his Honda Accord, the video shows, and Cooper moves ...

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Shaun King Challenges Twitter Over Friends Suspension

Shaun King New York Daily News Senior Justice Writer made a gutsy move on twitter today in what seems like a challenge to Twitter. After a friend of King on Twitter was suspended shortly after posting a video, King made it clear that he reposted it. We won’t show the video but it is attached in King’s tweet. My friend ...

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