Mich: Woman Gunned Down And Killed By Police Sparks Outrage…

DEARBORN, Mich. An investigation is underway into the shooting death of a Detroit woman (Janet Wilson) killed by Dearborn police this past Wednesday night. According to sources, Wilson was killed by multiple gunshots after she attempted to flee police, authorities allege. The shooting occurred outside a Fairlane Town Center, The Medical Examiner’s Office, ruled the death a homicide, caused by multiple gunshot wounds. ...

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Cobb County Police Officer Suspended Without Pay..

Marietta, GA – Cobb County police officer Maurice Lawson has been suspended for two weeks without pay. Lawson, is accused of using racially insensitive language during a traffic stop, involving a black male subject (Brian Baker) which was captured on video (it made national attention). Many activists whom demanded for Lawson’s dismissal from duty as a police officer, were relieved ...

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Minn. Deputy Pleads Guilty To Beating K-9

The incident occurred on or about June 15th 2015, at the Black Bear Casino Resort In one of the worst cases of animal cruelty video’s I have ever seen, what makes it more disturbing is that Brett Berry is a “Ramsey County Deputy”  an 18-year-veteran who only faces up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $3,000 due ...

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Don Lemon’s “Survivors” Remark Sparks Controversy

Don Lemon a CNN reporter is calling Bill Cosby’s accusers “Survivors.” Survivors of what? Is Lemon pre judging the allegations to early? It was a few months ago (un related to the Cosby case) when Don Lemon sparked outrage with his response of a black female teen being flipped and dragged in front of classmates by an officer, even though ...

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The Killing Of Zachary Hammond

The Killing Of Zachary Hammond Many are outraged after seeing the video as am I! I just don’t see where the justification is… The video appears to show an officer aggressively approaching a vehicle and then firing his weapon. What’s your thought?  

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Fox Lake: Officer’s Death And My Theory..

The recent death of Officer Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz has left me in a wondering state of mind, with so much information twisting and turning. After listening to the dispatch ‘recorded audio ‘ I thought I heard ‘one white male ‘ and ‘ one black male ‘, however  on the media… I heard two white males and one black male, without ...

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