WikiLeaks, Trump University And Some Theories?

Opinion – It’s like waiting to see who has the last laugh or is it? asks one person. Certainly there is nothing funny, While Donald Trump relies on many of the WikiLeaks emails,.. Many in America are waiting for a Trump University Case to start in Late November. At a time when many on the social media where waiting for ...

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Trumps ” Dis-Arm ” Statement Sparks Outrage

The phrase ” Let’s See What Would Happen To Her ” seems disturbing… Then to ask her Protection service to disarm themselves seems even more disturbing.. These secret Service men and women have a tough job to do and should be praised for their heroic actions DAILY!, and Donald Trump should not be provoking and or using them for political ...

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Trump Supporter Mark Burns Controversy Continues

You have to see this takedown piece on Mark Burns Trump's boy lied about every aspect of his life. It's painful. pic.twitter.com/x3O3kiW4UY — Shaun King (@ShaunKing) September 3, 2016 Opinion – While many Trump surrogate’s continue to question Clinton’s honesty, mum seems to be the word on Trump supporter and pastor Mark Burns. It just seems hypocritical to criticize one,… ...

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Rep. Elijah Cummings Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton just picked up a big endorsement for her presidential bid from Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings. According to reports – Cummings recounted Clinton’s resume including her experience as secretary of state and senator from New York. Cummings continued to go on.. “I will be voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton! “I am asking everyone one of you,  to vote for Hillary! To ...

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GOP Town Hall: Rubio Addresses Racism Why All Of A Sudden?

Opinion: Rubio is heard speaking on a police encounter that someone endured,  did he address it well? All of a sudden Rubio addresses very limited concerns about racism, Carson before him addressed Criminal Justice Reform, Yet neither one addressed the issues of accountability. Seems like some Republicans maybe attempting to slowly inch their way into the issues…  which are surging Democratic ...

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