Ex-Deputy Charged In The Slapping Of Kid (Video)

SANDOVAL COUNTY, N.M. KOAT, Reported that Fred Switzer, 70, and another deputy restrained a boy in a patrol car after an August court appearance. The video appears to show Officer Switzer slap the boy several times while restrained in handcuffs in the back of the cruiser. My opinion: What is disturbing is… not only did the video show a horrific attack, but a video that ...

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Shaq Surprises Florida Cop After Viral Hoops Video

A Florida cop (Bobby White) who responded to a noise complaint about kids playing basketball has gone viral, and has gained much positive attention across the nation. Many are saying that an officer can make such a difference when distinguishing the difference of an officer’s actions whom shows up looking for action, as opposed to looking for re-action. I must say this ...

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Video Appears To Show A Utah Cop May Have Done What?

Opinion: In an incident that occurred almost a year ago where an officer was cleared in a fatal shooting of James Barker , has now sparked a new investigation. A many of times viewers may get distracted by what they would like to see and hear as opposed to what they don’t see but hear. I have watched this video numerous times and it ...

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Video: Alex Landau’s Story In Police Abuse

My opinion: After watching this video, I can only stress for anyone whom feels victimized by any type Officer, to file a complaint. The importance of filing a complaint can show either a pattern and or prove an Officer’s history of conduct. Should complaints continue to Pyle without discipline, it could hold the superior liable including higher ranks, city etc. should ...

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NY: Bystanders Jump Police After An Assault In Target Store..

Many are fleeing to live in New York citing the Odds of striking it rich off a Police encounter are better than buying a Lotto Ticket elsewhere. In a recent Police Assault of an alleged suspect, Bystanders refused to watch as Police continued beating a man.. and intervened during the altercation. This video shows a numerous amount of Officer’s Kneeing, Punching ...

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