Justice For Jermane Scott ‘REAL life of Solitary Confinement …

REAL life of Solitary Confinement by an inmate living that life right at this moment in time… Written By Jermane Scott Do you REALLY know what it’s like to live in solitary confinement? Do the films where A-List Hollywood stars appear in some prison movie REALLY capture the mundane nothingness that stretches out for miles and miles? And is the ...

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Clinton calls Flint water crisis ‘immoral’

Taking a detour from New Hampshire’s campaign trail, Hillary Clinton said Sunday that a water crisis in a Michigan city was “immoral” and demanded that Congress approve $200 million in emergency aid to address the community’s battle with lead-contaminated water. Source: Clinton calls Flint water crisis ‘immoral’ in break from NH

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Will Ted Cruz Go On CNN?

Many are awaiting to see if Ted Cruz will go on CNN to clarify as to what really happened after  CNN responded with a ‘fact reality check’ on Ted Cruz’s statement on Saturday’s Gop Debate calling it a flat out ‘LIE’, citing that Cruz may have mislead many viewers by his statements, Ben Carson when asked to respond declined in short tail citing ...

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Arizona: Police Kill Transgender Man Sparks Outrage..

AZ – Danielle Jacobs, 24-year-old was also known as Kayden Clarke during his transition from female to male. Clarke had become famous after he had  posted several video’s on YouTube one  in which he announced his insurance would be paying for his sex reassignment surgery. Friends called police fearing Clarke maybe suicidal, when officers arrived at the residence, Clarke allegedly charged at the officers with a ...

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Justice For Jessica Chambers

Jessica Chambers, 19, was burned alive on December 6, 2014, in Courtland, Mississippi. If anyone has any information please contact any law enforcement. Stay connected on the Justice For Jessica Facebook Page

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Justice Sought For James “Cephus” Potts..

We have been seeing many tweets on twitter seeking #JusticeForCephus According to a GoFundme Page, James C. Potts Jr. was born July 23, 1993, and was found deceased on July, 13 2012, ten days before his 19th birthday. A private investigator is still being sought for according to a page set up for Potts, citing that, On the evening of ...

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Man’s Death Ruled A ‘Homicide’ Pastor’s Call For Strike..

Pastors associated with Marshall’s family are calling for a ‘ hunger strike‘ which could start as early as this Monday, until the video evidence is released sources say. Michael Marshall’s death has been ruled a homicide, according to the Denver medical examiner’s office. The six deputies whom were allegedly involved in the restraining of Marshall, still remain on restricted duty. This ...

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Bring River Home: A Mother’s Quest For Her Son

In a video above Lonna is thanking all her supporters.. My latest opinion: As I log on to twitter (daily) I kept stumbling on a recent topic or tweets for that matter, which showed a mother in what seems like a never ending battle “When fighting for their child” So I decided to look into it. The tweets reminded me of how much ...

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Calif: 2014 deputy-involved shooting; family demands investigation

In the killing of Noel Aguilar,23  The family is now requesting a full investigation citing Aguilar’s hands were empty before being shot to death, which has sparked outrage amongst many. In a new released video which was not seen by the family and their attorney’s prior, has now raised many additional questions including as to how police investigate their fellow officers, stay ...

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OMAHA, NE: Video Shows Officer Punching Student Sparks Outrage..

OMAHA, NE: An officer has temporarily been reassigned after a video surfaced and showed him punching a high school student while allegedly breaking up a fight at Millard South High School. According to sources, Police said “the video only shows a snippet of what happened” that statement alone was enough to spark outrage and concern, citing the snippet clearly showed ...

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