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Will Ted Cruz Go On CNN?

Many are awaiting to see if Ted Cruz will go on CNN to clarify as to what really happened after  CNN responded with a ‘fact reality check’ on Ted Cruz’s statement on Saturday’s Gop Debate calling it a flat out ‘LIE’, citing that Cruz may have mislead many viewers by his statements, Ben Carson when asked to respond declined in short tail citing ...

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Harry Houck On CNN: Sandra Bland Was Arrogant!

You could learn a lot from an Ex-Cop many say, as to how they protect fellow Officers in most situations. Harry Houck a commentator on CNN known by many for sticking up for Police has shown his true un-professionalism in my opinion after making his un-proven comment about Sandra Bland, I was real disappointed in CNN for choosing Harry Houck an Ex-Police Officer who ...

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Baltimore: Police Complain About Work? BYE!

According to a recent interview on CNN a shadowed Police Officer’s interview described the moral of Police being down in Baltimore, citing that Officers are being proactive, and blaming Commissioner Batts as one of the problems. Here’s my Opinion:  Moral is Low because the Conduct of some Officers were brought to light! Moral is low because some Officers Can’t continue ...

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