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Shaq Surprises Florida Cop After Viral Hoops Video

A Florida cop (Bobby White) who responded to a noise complaint about kids playing basketball has gone viral, and has gained much positive attention across the nation. Many are saying that an officer can make such a difference when distinguishing the difference of an officer’s actions whom shows up looking for action, as opposed to looking for re-action. I must say this ...

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Chicago: Are Police Video’s Being Erased And Or Deleted?

Just last month a Cook County Grand Jury awarded $2.75 Million in the death of  Keith MacNeice. In an all to familiar story involving a police encounter. The Chicago Tribune Reported that.. After her teenage son died in a police-chase crash, Jondalyn Fields’ lawyers asked the Chicago Police Department for the videos from their cars and along the route to ...

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OMAHA, NE: Video Shows Officer Punching Student Sparks Outrage..

OMAHA, NE: An officer has temporarily been reassigned after a video surfaced and showed him punching a high school student while allegedly breaking up a fight at Millard South High School. According to sources, Police said “the video only shows a snippet of what happened” that statement alone was enough to spark outrage and concern, citing the snippet clearly showed ...

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Dear Donald Video Song Goes Viral

A video song which has now gone viral, has caught the attentions of many.. A video song by Cryptic Wisdom x Santa RM titled  – Dear Donald  a Video shot by Michael Shahin. This video has really stuck with me, as I agreed with many of the lyrics in the story. It seemed to me that Trump may have hurt ...

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Video: Alex Landau’s Story In Police Abuse

My opinion: After watching this video, I can only stress for anyone whom feels victimized by any type Officer, to file a complaint. The importance of filing a complaint can show either a pattern and or prove an Officer’s history of conduct. Should complaints continue to Pyle without discipline, it could hold the superior liable including higher ranks, city etc. should ...

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Will County: Police Hide Video In .. The Robert Boyle Story..

According to a Petition Posted: Police hid this video for over 2 years (conveniently after the statutes of limitations)!! This video would have helped prove an actual innocence. Even with this blatant Brady violation, Will County, IL. is still threatening to re-prosecute if the appeal is overturned! Not only was this video hidden intentionally, but it was tampered with..  destroying it ...

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LA: Ezell Ford’s Ruling – Chief Charlie Becks Video REALLY?

This video surfaces after the Ezell Ford Findings: So was this a secret message? Forget what they ruled on Ezell Fords Death.. It’s Business as usual? Chief Charlie Becks Video shows the true character of some law enforcement personnel, whom truly believe they are above the Law, this video showed ignorance to it’s fullest capacity. I am truly afraid now, ...

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